Project Director Marketing and Sales in HVO Sirena del Mar M&S at Hyatt Vacation Ownership

Date Posted: 5/21/2023

Job Snapshot

Job Description


Responsible for the execution of sales and marketing strategy and tactics to achieve budgeted sales volume and cost as well as achieve customer and associate satisfaction. Ensure effective and efficient on-site coordination between sales and marketing groups. Work with multiple stakeholders as needed to assist in the development and implementation of regional marketing strategies. Accountable for all aspects of sales location operations. 


CANDIDATE PROFILE Education and Experience 

•    College degree preferred 

•    Minimum 5 years’ experience in management of sales, marketing or administration 

•    Minimum 5 years’ experience in vacation ownership 


Required Qualifications 

•    Proficiency in reading and writing English (additional language required for certain locations)

•    Spanish or other languages skills preferred 


Successful Candidates Will Be Willing To: 

•    Work in close contact with the general public in sales and situations that require strong communication and customer service skills 

•    Openness to adapt to different cultural contexts based on location 

•    Must be willing to work weekends and holidays as required by business needs 




Developing and Executing Strategy 

•    Contributes to the development of long-term function and strategy of the project. 

•    Develops culture of excellence in all facets of project operation. 

•    Develops and ensures sales and marketing management implements philosophy of tour efficiency and is profit driven (rather than strictly volume driven), while building strong team values. 


General Business Management 

•    Implements and manages daily administrative procedures in compliance with company policy and practical business process. 

•    Forecasts and budgets annual sales targets. 

•    Addresses personnel issues in compliance with company policy. 

•    Ensures proper communications are maintained with all staff personnel or others associated with project operations. Standard review process participation. 

•    Ensures Marketing and Sales departments work together to achieve project goals. 


Managing the Guest Experience 

•    Responsible for a positive guest tour experience. 

•    Resolves any unresolved guest issues that have been escalated. 

•    Monitors guest experience survey data and follow up with department leaders as appropriate. 

•    Ensures Sales Gallery meets or exceeds all property standards. 


Maintaining, Analyzing, & Communicating Key Reports 

•    Uses reports on individual and team production performance (e.g., Confirmations-Experiences per guest, volume-per-guest [VPG], close rate, employee satisfaction, Regional Customer Experience Report, Site Daily Flash) to evaluate overall project and team effectiveness. 

•    Uses market analyses (e.g., cost per tour, development plans, and marketing cost by channel and effort) to evaluate the effectiveness of various incentives and programs to determine which incentives and programs should be retained. 

•    Monitors Budget versus Actual Results (BUVARS) across all departments (e.g., site, regional, and sales and marketing leadership) 

to evaluate department effectiveness. 


Managing External Relationships 

•    Negotiates and partner with appropriate departments for contracts and work with vendors. 

•    May work directly with local Resort Operations and area leadership 


Managing & Developing the Sales & Marketing Workforce 

•    Develops future managers while implementing company directed self-development programs. 

•    Coaches, manages and leads direct reports 

•    Measures the performance of the marketing and sales departments against goals and holds them accountable. 

•    Rewards and recognizes manager performance (e.g., way-to-go letters, personal bests). 

•    Motivates managers to increase production and performance 

•    Observes and identifies direct report areas of strength and development opportunities (e.g., through ride-along, shadowing, monitoring). 

•    Oversees the development and/or update of sales training manuals and sales process enhancements (e.g., Eagle Flight Plans, Resource Guides). 

•    Conducts formal performance reviews and uses this information to create individual development plans, career paths, and promotion development plans. 

•    Manages associate performance, developing performance plans for associates below expectation (progressive discipline). 

•    Identifies and responds to the needs/questions/issues (both work and non-work related) brought forth by team associates. 

•    Mediates conflict in and between teams (e.g., within marketing or sales teams, between marketing and sales teams). 

•    Provides guidelines for empowering associates to make decisions regarding guest experience and service issues. 

•    Reviews various training programs prior to implementation. 

•    Reviews and approves policies and procedures in partnership with appropriate stakeholders pertaining to workflow, lead distribution, reward, recognition. 

•    Participates in recruiting (e.g., make internal announcements to managers in order to generate referrals, monitor online and print ads, intervene in personnel selection matters if needed). 

•    Ensures hiring managers follow personnel selection protocols. 

•    Develops compensation plans for marketing and sales teams that maximize productionin in partnership with appropriate stakeholders.


Contributing to the Management of the Enterprise 

•    Understands and abides by state and federal regulations around sales and marketing activity (e.g., state marketing matrix, national Do Not Call registry [DNC]).  If in a non-U.S. location, understand and abide by applicable local regulations around sales and marketing activity. 

•    Updates plans and actions to prepare for management meetings.

•    Performs other duties as assigned.





•    Professional Demeanor - Exhibiting behavioral styles that convey confidence and command respect from others; making a good first impression and representing the organization in alignment with its values. 

•    Problem Solving and Decision Making - Identifying and understanding issues, problems, and opportunities; obtaining and comparing information from different sources to draw conclusions, develop and evaluate alternatives and solutions, solve problems, and choose a course of action. 

•    Communication - Conveying information and ideas to others in a convincing and engaging manner through a variety of methods. Strong public presentation skills. 

•    Adaptability - Maintaining performance level under pressure or when experiencing changes or challenges in the workplace. 


Managing Execution 

•    Planning and Organizing - Gathering information and resources required to set a plan of action for self and/or others; prioritizing and arranging work requirements to accomplish goals and ensure work is completed. 

•    Driving for Results - Setting high standards of performance for self and/or others; assuming responsibility for work objectives; initiating, focusing, and monitoring the efforts of self and/or others toward the accomplishment goals; proactively taking action and going beyond what is required 

•    Building and Contributing to Teams - Leading and participating as a member of a team to move toward the completion of common goals while fostering cohesion and collaboration among team members. 


Building Relationships 

•    Coworker Relationships - Interacting with others in a way that builds openness, trust, and confidence in the pursuit of organizational goals and lasting relationships. 

•    Customer Relationships - Developing and sustaining relationships based on an understanding of customer needs and actions. 

•    Fostering Inclusion - Supporting associates with diverse styles, abilities, motivations, and/or cultural perspectives; leveraging personal differences to achieve objectives; and promoting a work environment where all associates are given the opportunity to contribute to their full potential. 


Generating Talent and Organizational Capability 

•    Talent Management - Providing guidance and feedback to help individuals develop and strengthen skills and abilities needed to accomplish work objectives. 

•    Organizational Capability - Understanding and leveraging associate talent and capabilities to meet work needs; supporting the attraction, selection, and/or retention of associates to achieve department and business objectives. 


Learning and Applying Personal Expertise 

•    Applied Learning - Seeking and making the most of learning opportunities to improve performance of self and/or others. 

•    Technical Acumen - Understanding and utilizing professional skills and knowledge in a specific functional area to conduct and manage everyday business operations and generate innovative solutions to approach function-specific work challenges 

o    General Sales Location Operations - Knowledge of the operating principles and practices of sales locations including tour flow management, sales presentation, sales closings, and general operating procedures. 

•    Business Acumen - Understanding and utilizing business information to manage everyday operations and generate innovative solutions to approach business and administrative challenges 

o    Applied Business Knowledge - Evaluates market conditions, organizational objectives, and important aspects of the business to accurately diagnose market opportunities and threats; anticipates opportunities and threats, identify issues, and develop strategies and plans. Aligning individual and team actions with strategies and plans to drive business results. 

o    Administration and Management - Understands and applies the business and management information involved in strategic planning, resource allocation, human resources modeling, leadership techniques, sales methods, and coordination of people and resources. 

•    Basic Competencies - Fundamental competencies required for accomplishing basic work activities. 

o    Basic Computer Skills - Using basic computer hardware and software (e.g., personal computers, word processing software, Internet browsers, etc.). 

o    Mathematical Reasoning - The ability to add, subtract, multiply, or divide quickly, correctly, and in a way that allows one to solve work-related issues. 

o    Oral Comprehension - The ability to listen to and understand information and ideas presented through spoken words and sentences in English and local business language. 

o    Reading Comprehension - Understanding written sentences and paragraphs in work related documents in English and local business language 

o    Writing - Communicating effectively in writing as appropriate for the needs of the audience in English and local business language.


Hyatt Vacation Ownership is an equal opportunity employer committed to hiring a diverse workforce and sustaining an inclusive culture.


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